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How does your preparation differ from other biorevitalizants? What is its advantage?

ASV factor is a unique patented formula of the ATLANTIS brand! ASV (Antioxidant Sea Vital) -factor - a factor of antioxidant and anti-aging skin protection. For the first time, the ASV factor was isolated from Atlantic marine algae, after which its analogue was synthesized in the laboratory. A powerful antioxidant, which is a reduced form of glutathione, is incorporated into the redox process and participates in mitochondrial respiration of the cell, accelerating its metabolism. ASV also normalizes synthetic activity, dramatically increasing the production of skin structural proteins - collagen and elastin.

Enhances the anti-aging effects of hyaluronic acid and DMAE by intensively strengthening the extracellular matrix. Due to the high efficiency of this component, there is a more intensive smoothing of deep and mimic wrinkles, the fight against early ptosis, the turgor and tone of the skin is significantly improved - a noticeable lifting effect.

What is the benefit of biorevitalization with Atlantis preparations? How is it different from other procedures?

Biorevitalization with ATLANTIS preparations allows you to preserve the youthfulness of the face, giving an almost instant, pronounced effect without surgical intervention. It differs from mesotherapy, a similar technique, in a longer preservation of the result, since funds with an increased concentration of active substances are used. In addition, drugs are injected into the deep layers of the skin, creating a supply of hyaluronic acid for a long time.

The essence of the procedure is to replenish the reserves of hyaluronic acid and other active substances of the required concentration in different layers of the dermis, which triggers the rejuvenation processes.

The beauty of biorevitalization with ATLANTIS preparations is that it can solve not only aging issues, but also many other skin problems.

What are the indications for the use of Atlantis products?

Indications for bioreparation with our preparations:

  • prevention of age-related changes in the skin and subcutaneous structures; decreased elasticity and density of the skin, deformation of the oval of the face, dull and uneven color;
  • correction of superficial fine wrinkles;
  • rosacea, vascular disorders;
  • violation of seboregulation and the work of the sebaceous glands, a tendency to acne, enlarged pores, in the complex therapy of 1-2 degree acne;
  • normalization of melanogenesis, reduction in the intensity of hyperpigmentation, smoothing of skin tone; preparation of the protective barrier functions of the skin for prolonged exposure to the sun or unfavorable climatic conditions, as well as restoration of the skin after intense exposure to UV rays;
  • preparation before and rehabilitation after aggressive aesthetic procedures, recent plastic surgeries, mid-peelings, laser resurfacing in the face, neck and décolleté area;

From what age are procedures on the preparation possible?

It is important to perform the procedures primarily according to the indications and requirements of the skin, rather than adhere to the age threshold. For certain skin requests - from 18 years old. It is important that all procedures using Atlantis brand preparations are carried out exclusively by certified cosmetologists.

How many procedures are enough to achieve and maintain the effect?

The effect of the procedure with ATLANTIS preparations is guaranteed already after the first session of biorevitalization injections, is noticeable after 3 days, multiplies over time and lasts up to 1 year, depending on the severity of age-related changes. To achieve the final and lasting result, it is strongly recommended to complete the full course, including 4-6 procedures with an interval of 10-12 days.

Are there any recommendations for patients on the day of the procedure?

On the day of the procedure, skin cleansing is carried out using conventional means, followed by treatment with antiseptics - chlorhexidine solution or hydrogen peroxide, as well as applying a sterile moisturizer. Avoid applying decorative cosmetics and oily moisturizers to the skin, in order to avoid getting infections in the papule area. Avoid applying makeup during the day.

To achieve the maximum effect during the entire course of biorevitalization with ATLANTIS preparations, it is worth limiting:

  1. stay in the open rays of the sun / do not sunbathe in the solarium;
  2. visit to the sauna / bath / hot baths;

What are the contraindications to the ATLANTIS treatment?

To date, no absolute contraindications to the administration of the drug have been identified, but it is worth abandoning the procedure if:

  • there is a confirmed individual intolerance to any component of the composition;
  • there is a fact of an inflammatory process in the injection zone;
  • the presence of autoimmune diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

It has been practically proven that ATLANTIS does not cause complications with the correct administration of the drug by a certified doctor. A variant of the norm in the case of sensitive skin is considered to be redness in the injection area, slight itching and discomfort at the injection site of the needle, which is easily eliminated by itself within 2 days.

How is the bioreparation procedure carried out? How painful is it?

As a rule, the stages of the procedure are standard and include:

  1. Initial examination and consultation with a cosmetologist - prescribing the number of procedures, identifying possible complications, choosing a biorevitalizant subtype.
  2. Thorough cleansing of the skin, preparation for injections. Application of anesthesia at the request of the patient.
  3. The injection process. The technique of introduction is determined by the doctor during the examination, based on the condition of the skin and the desired effect at the exit. At the injection site, redness is possible, which lasts for 10-30 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
  4. Post-treatment of the skin with antiseptic and sedative agents.

The painfulness of the procedure depends on the patient's pain threshold, the injection technique chosen by the doctor, the components of the injected drug and the intensity of anesthesia. As a rule, with the correct selection of the above factors, the pain is minimal or not at all.

How can the drug be purchased?

You can order the drug and get advice on it on our official website through the order form, on the @atlantisrussia instagram page or by calling our manager at 8-968-538-8642.

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