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Dear Colleagues! We offer you cooperation with the ATLANTIS brand!

ATLANTIS is a Russian-made Swiss brand that represents a new generation of biorevitalization drugs. The main direction of the company is the production of preparations for biorevitalization and bioreparation of the face, neck, paraorbital region and décolleté.

A year of fruitful joint work, several stages of testing, and in 2021 the biorevitalizants ATLANTIS classic and ATLANTIS lift will debut on the Russian market. The formula of ultrapure hyaluronic acid in conjunction with DMAE and ASV-factor gives amazing results and allows us to call the series of preparations a real discovery in cosmetology, which has no analogues in the world.

In turn, we are also ready to offer assistance in marketing and advertising activities in order to more actively promote the ATLANTIS brand in the regions.

Among the marketing materials we offer:

  • original layouts of all branded advertising and souvenir products;
  • conducting offline presentations with the involvement of top officials of the company;
  • conducting online trainings on their web sites;
  • provision of social networks and the official ATLANTIS website for the greatest coverage of the audience;
  • consulting in conducting trainings, presentations, deals with cosmetologists;

In order to increase and maintain interest in cooperation with the brand, loyalty programs are planned for colleagues with rewarding trips abroad and educational programs in Russia when fulfilling a motivational plan.

Additional conditions, comments and suggestions are negotiated individually.

We are always open to suggestions!

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ATLANTIS strictly adheres to high quality standards in everything and we are open for any dialogue with those who share our ideals and aspirations.

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